October Photo Challenge Day 19: WEATHER

I’m serious about WEATHER. Can you tell? You would be too if you wore a fur coat year-round and had to go to the bathroom outside. Lately I’ve had some harsh criticism for Mother Nature. She let summer’s heat and humidity linger way too long. And then she aimed Hurricane Nate in our direction. Today I have a different message for Mother Nature: All is forgiven. She came through earlier this week with the most beautiful weather imaginable. I’ve enjoyed cool morning walks and evenings in the courtyard with Tallulah and my humans. Temperatures will creep up tomorrow, and then we’ll have a rainy weekend, but next week promises to bring more delightful days. To Mother Nature I say, “Well done. Keep this gorgeous weather coming!”

So now I’m going to channel my inner Al Roker. What’s the weather like in your neck of the woods?


Wordless Wednesday: A Note to Summer

Is it the heat? Is it the humidity? Is it the blazing sun? How do you feel about summer?

Thank you to our friends at BlogPaws for hosting the Wordless Wednesday blog hop.

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Celebrating Summer’s End . . . for Some


Many of our friends across America celebrated the end of summer a couple of weekends ago. Here in South Louisiana, we’ll still be looking for ways to beat the heat and humidity for at least another month. That means my little sister will have a few more opportunities to perfect her watermelon-eating skills.


When we first introduced Tallulah to a watermelon, she was a bit confused.


It was as if she thought the little spot where the stem used to be was some sort of wondrous watermelon key that would magically unlock this mysterious green thing. Goodness knows she tried and tried that approach, but to no avail.


It was time for the seasoned watermelon eater to step in and show her silly little sister a thing or two about this summer delicacy.


“First of all,” I told Tallulah, “you don’t just bite into the watermelon. You let the humans cut it into nice little slices for us. The humans love preparing our food and serving it to us. We mustn’t deny them this great pleasure.”


Obviously, one of us has a better grasp on patience and manners than the other. It becomes more and more clear every single day that I have many, many lessons to teach Tallulah. But back to the watermelon-eating tutorial.


I tried to show Tallulah the proper watermelon-eating style: dainty little lady-like bites.


Tallulah had something completely different in mind: putting the entire slice into her mouth all at once. And by entire slice I really mean entire slice. Tallulah devoured that watermelon slice . . . rind and all.


I’m becoming more and more convinced that my little sister is part pig. Check out that nose–and that full mouth–and tell me what you think.


Tallulah has a lot to learn about eating watermelons, but under my watchful eye I think there’s a chance she’ll catch on. I guess it’s a good thing we have a little bit of time before summer’s end.

B-A-T-H Time

Bath 1 thek9harperlee

Yesterday, after a lovely early morning walk, it happened: B-A-T-H time.

A small sidenote on behalf of all dogs everywhere: Although I know humans would rather not believe this, dogs do know how to spell. We can spell B-A-T-H and V-E-T. We can spell T-R-E-A-T and W-A-L-K. We can even spell C-A-T. Trust me, you are not fooling any of us.

Anyway, back to my story. Even if I couldn’t spell, I would have known what was going on. The minute the dog towels, shampoo, and bath leash come out, it is painfully obvious. Actually, I am not averse to bath time. During the winter, when it’s too cold to be bathed outside, I go to my favorite groomers at my local PetSmart. They love me there, and I love them. I always get a glowing “pawgress” report when my mommy picks me up. It usually says things like “very sweet,” “super obedient,” and “a joy to groom.” My daddy is obsessed with seeing my “pawgress” report. But in the warmer months, my mommy gives me some of my baths in the driveway. (I still make special trips to see the PetSmart groomers. We call that “Spa Day.”) Today was my first driveway bath of the year, and it went pretty much the way most baths go.

Bath 2 thek9harperlee

Here I am post-suds and rinse and pre-towel dry and brushing. I am trying as hard as possible to look as dignified as possible . . .

Bath 3 thek9harperlee

. . . but I realize that I am a wet dog, and there is very little dignity in that. At this point, I was just hoping that these spikes on my head were not gong to be permanent.

Bath 4 thek9harperlee

I am happy to report that after much drying and much, much, much brushing, my punk hairdo was all gone and I was back to my very soft and fluffy self . . . only way, way cleaner than before. Mommy says my “doggy” smell is all gone; too bad I couldn’t say the same for Mommy after she finished bathing and brushing me! Wishing you lots and lots of good, clean fun this weekend!

BONE Appetit: Frozen Fun

Frozen Fun 1 thek9harperlee

The dog days of summer have officially come to South Louisiana, and it is H-O-T hot! My daily walks are now an early morning race to beat the rising sun’s heat. I don’t need to remind you that I am not a morning girl, so this adjustment in my exercise schedule is not thrilling me in the least. It is far too hot for me to enjoy outdoor restaurant dining, which is a crushing blow to my social life. And my road trips to New Orleans have been put on the back burner until at least October. Bummer. So, in an effort to lift my spirits, my human mommy has been on the hunt for some refreshing homemade treats, and I am extremely happy to report that she has found the perfect frozen fun to get me through this summer.

Frozen Fun 2 thek9harperlee

On a recent BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop, my mommy hopped on over to Beagles and Bargains and found a super simple recipe for Strawberry Banana Pupsicles. You’re looking at everything you need to create this frozen fun:

  • One banana, cut into chunky pieces
  • A handful of strawberries, cut into chunky pieces
  • A cup of nonfat, sugar-free, plain yogurt

039Frozen Fun 3 thek9harperlee

That’s it! Just pop the ingredients into a blender and blend, pour into molds, freeze, and–now this is the only hard part–wait.

Frozen Fun 4 thek9harperlee

I give these perfect summertime treats two paws way up, and I cannot thank Luna’s mother, who writes Beagles and Bargains, enough for introducing my mommy to what I hope will be a recurring feature during this otherwise stifling season.

And speaking of fabulous treats, earlier this week I received a very sweet one from my friend Ku, who writes Haiku by Ku. He presented me with The Versatile Blogger Award, and  best of all he called me beautiful in his lovely acceptance and nomination haiku. Oh, Ku, I think it’s you melting my heart and not the summer heat. Please keep your paws crossed for Ku today. He has a little bump on his nose, so he’s spending the day at the vet to have it removed and looked at, and he’s a little nervous. I know his mama will have special treats and lots and lots of kisses for him when he gets home.