Birthday Brunch for The Bee

Last Saturday my little sister, Tallulah Bee, celebrated her second birthday. I’m not going to sugarcoat it: Getting to her first birthday was a bit of a challenge at times. But that second year flew by. We marked The Bee’s birthday in typical New Orleans fashion with a big blowout brunch.

Shhhh . . . don’t tell my sister this . . . BrunchFest NOLA was actually a fundraiser for the Louisiana SPCA, but Tallulah thinks the whole thing was just for her. Let’s just let her believe that. By the way, that little kitty behind us looks a little huge and terrifying. It’s not real, right?

Back to brunch. There were food and drink booths there for the humans and lots and lots of people to give us love and other dogs to give us kisses and sniffs.

Naturally we had to visit our friends at the Gulf South Golden Retriever Rescue tent.

And then we headed to Crescent Park’s big lawn for a little entertainment, which just happened to include a show by Mother Tucker’s Drag Queen, Inc. Drag shows are an integral element to many a New Orleans brunch, and Tallulah seemed to enjoy her first experience.

Tallulah still had plenty of birthday energy on the way home from brunch, so we made a little stop at my favorite New Orleans watering hole: The District. I was just happy for the nice cool floor. I guess that’s the difference between being two years old and being eight years old.

Our friends at The District even had balloons in celebration of The Bee’s birthday. (Again, this was simply a happy coincidence, but let’s just allow Tallulah to believe it was all for her.)

Judging from Tallulah’s post-birthday-brunch-bash nap, I’d say that the day was quite a huge success. My first two years as a big sister have been some of the best years of my life. Here’s to celebrating many, many more birthdays with my sweet little sister, Tallulah Bee.

Weekend Update–Complete with Grainy Phone Photos

Weekend Update 1

This past weekend I joined my humans for a whirlwind road trip to New Orleans. We had a fabulous time. We started our fun Friday afternoon at Wood Pizza Bistro and Taphouse in the Warehouse District. The day was beautiful but a little chilly, so my human mommy and I snuggled on the outside porch to stay warm. We had the perfect spot to greet everyone as they went inside, where it was nice and toasty . . .

Weekend Update 2 thek9harperlee

. . . and a beautiful view of the large patio area, where it wasn’t quite as nice and toasty. According to my humans, the pizza was fantastic. You’ll just have to take their word for that because I didn’t get even the tiniest little taste. They say they’re looking forward to going back and enjoying the patio on a warmer evening. I certainly hope I get to join them.

Weekend Update 5 thek9harperlee

After our early dinner, my humans headed to the Pelicans basketball game and I got comfortable in the Marriott Residence Inn New Orleans Downtown (it’s actually in the Warehouse District, but that’s its name). Just for the record, I didn’t spend the whole evening lounging on the bed . . . although that would have been pretty sweet. I stayed in my travel crate like a good girl.

Weekend Update 3 thek9harperlee

It seemed as if I had just drifted off to sleep when my humans returned from the game (they were super happy because the Pelicans won) and we headed out for a little wine and dessert at Tommy’s Wine Bar. There’s a small alcove just outside the entrance to Tommy’s Wine Bar with two bistro tables. It’s the perfect people-watching location. It’s also the perfect place to get lots and lots of love from humans who are passing by. I love getting love from humans.

Weekend Update 7 thek9harperlee

 The next morning my humans enjoyed breakfast in bed while I did a little up-close-and-personal begging . . .

Weekend Update 6 thek9harperlee

. . . which worked, because my human daddy let me lick the little peanut butter container. Is there anything better than peanut butter? Yes–peanut butter in bed! The rest of the day was a bit of a blur as we toured New Orleans from one end to the other and had a late lunch at Juan’s Flying Burrito Creole Taqueria on Magazine Street in the Lower Garden District. Once again, I received more than my fair share of attention from the humans who were passing by. Did I already mention that I love attention? Well, the best was yet to come.

Weekend Update 8 thek9harperlee

My humans knew that it just wouldn’t be a trip to New Orleans without a visit to my all-time favorite watering hole, The District. (You can click here to read all about the time I discovered The District.) It was a bit quiet when we first arrived, but that changed very quickly when buses and buses of Tulane University students started to arrive.

Weekend Update 9 thek9harperlee

They were having an NCIS: New Orleans-themed sorority exchange and everyone was dressed up like characters from the television show. (That nice young lady on the right wasn’t really a prisoner; that was just her costume.) Even with all those pretty college girls, I think I was probably the most popular female in the whole place. I cannot begin to tell you how many students petted me and kissed me and said how soft and sweet I was and how much they missed their dogs back home. I think I brought them a little comfort and joy that evening, and that made me feel really good. After we told them all good evening and went back to the hotel, my humans could not stop talking about how impressed they were with each and every Tulane student we met. They were intelligent, outgoing, and passionate about their college studies and professional plans. They made my humans feel very, very optimistic about the future of our world.

On the Second Day of Christmas: A Quick Trip to New Orleans

Second Day of Christmas 4 thek9harperlee

And on the second day of Christmas . . . my humans and I jumped into my chariot and took a quick drive to New Orleans to meet my Instagram friend @goldenluver, also known as Erika, who’s visiting the Big Easy from her home in Indiana. Naturally, our tour of New Orleans had to begin at my favorite watering hole, The District. We then headed to Grand Isle for a bite to eat and a very nice visit. Miss Erika has three sweet Golden Retrievers back home–Bogey, Bear, and Bagus. She was having major Golden Retriever withdrawal, which means that I got lots and lots of love and attention. Perfect for me!

Second Day of Christmas 2 thek9harperlee

Then we went on a short tour of New Orleans hotel lobbies. (My human mommy says that you absolutely must visit New Orleans for Christmas so that you can see the decorations in the hotel lobbies. They are truly stunning.) Our first stop was the Windsor Court Hotel. While Miss Erika and my mommy went into the lobby to enjoy the festive atmosphere, my human daddy and I waited outside in the beautiful courtyard. And that’s when the doorman uttered these magical words: “You can go inside. We’re completely dog friendly.” It was the poshest place I’ve ever been. Mommy was so stunned by the fact that I could go into the lobby, she totally cut off Santa’s head in my photo in front of the Christmas tree. But it was a day I’ll always remember . . . meeting yet another of my fabulous Instagram friends, showing her my favorite spots in one of my favorite cities, and walking into the Windsor Court Hotel to see the beautiful Christmas decorations. What a perfect Second Day of Christmas!