Sunday Sisters (Tuesday Edition): August 29, 2017–TIME TO VOTE

Remember more than a week ago when I promised you a special Saturday edition of Sunday Sisters with our photo entry for the Impact Advisors 2017 Pet Supermodel Contest? Then along came a certain fella by the name of Harvey . . . as in Hurricane Harvey . . . and our attention was diverted to friends and family in the Houston area. We’re happy to report that everyone we know and love is in relatively good shape, but the story is far from the same for so many. The area still faces seemingly insurmountable challenges, and the recovery will be long and hard, so we ask that you keep the people (and animals) of Texas in your thoughts and prayers. Here in New Orleans, we started feeling the first of Harvey’s rain bands yesterday. Tallulah and I have plenty of food and our human mommy has an adequate supply of wine (as long as this thing isn’t too long or too bad 😉 ), so we should be ok. With all this Harvey stuff, we’re more than ready for a fun-filled diversion. Bring on the Pet Supermodel Contest . . . and get ready to vote!

I present to you our photo submission for the Impact Advisors 2017 Pet Supermodel Contest. The competition is tough and we’re getting a bit of a late start, so Tallulah and I could really use your votes. It’s pretty easy. Click this link to go to the contest website. There are several pages of pet photos, and the order changes every day, so you may have to scroll through a few pages to find our photo. Then you just click the VOTE box. You can vote once every 24 hours through Friday, September 8, at 5 p.m. eastern time. (That means that if you vote at 10 a.m. one day, you won’t be able to vote until just after 10 a.m. the next day.) And our humans have discovered that you can vote once from each device you have . . . one vote from your computer, one from your phone, one from your tablet, etc. We’re pretty sure that’s not cheating. Feel free to share this post with friends, because if Tallulah and I finish in the top three we’re donating our prize to Zeus’s Rescues at Zeus’ Place. They’re currently sheltering pets who were in the path of Hurricane Harvey, so they really could use the help.

Remember . . . vote early and often. In this case, it’s ok. 🙂 And Happy Tuesday!


Still Sizzling in September (and Voting Continues)


Audubon Park Willow Tree // September 25, 2016

Each month this year, Tallulah Bee and I have joined our humans for a photo session in New Orleans’ Audubon Park. We pose on about the same weekend each month (the third or fourth weekend), at about the same time of day (early morning), and at the same spot (in front of a little willow tree that stands next to a pond). When we finished our August photo shoot, we really thought we were saying goodbye to the miserable hot days of summer. Wrong. A few days ago, with tongues hanging out, Tallulah and I did our best to look cool for our sizzling September entry. The weather humans have confirmed that this summer has been unusually warm hotter than blazes: 43 nights during which the temperature did not drop below 80 degrees, shattering the previous record of 13 set in 2010. Enough, Mother Nature. We’re ready for a cool, crisp photo shoot in October.


And a little more about our monthly photo sessions in the park. Mommy never ever gets “the shot” on the first try. Tallulah is easily distracted, so it takes a little time and effort. Thank goodness for digital photography!


Just a quick reminder that voting in my human daddy’s company Pet Supermodel Contest continues. Thank you so very much for all your votes so far. As I dictate this blog post to my human mommy/blogging assistant/typist, I’m in fourth place (with 156 votes) and Tallulah is in fifth place (with 147 votes). Our chances of catching the leaders are pretty slim. (A couple of cats are hanging on to first place with 555 votes and two dogs are in second and third, one with 546 votes and the other with 241 votes.) I’d cry foul and ask for an inquiry into voter fraud, but they’re all pretty cute, so I’m sure the vote count is legit. Anyway, we have a couple of dogs in an inflatable boat who are gaining on us, so remember to vote early and often . . . totally legal in this case.


You can click here for a link to the ballot box to cast your vote for me.


You can click here for a link to the ballot box to cast your vote for Tallulah.

Remember: One vote per pet every 24 hours and voting closes at 5 p.m. central time Friday, September 30. Thank you!

P.S. Please feel free to share!



No worries, friends. I wouldn’t dare stick my paw into the mess that is our nation’s current election. The humans created that ordeal, and I’ll leave it to them.


I’m asking for your support in a far kinder, much gentler, and decidedly more fun election. My human daddy’s company is having its Impact Advisors 2016 Pet Supermodel Contest. This is the sixth year for the contest, but the first year that Tallulah Bee and I are participating. (By the way, the Pet Supermodel Contest is conducted by the company’s “chief happiness officer” and he calls the employees “winners.” How fun is that?) The competition is pretty stiff, so we really could use your help. Unlike most elections, this one allows you to vote more than once. (Yes, I’ve heard tales of certain voting irregularities in the regular human elections, but we’re not going to get into that.) You can cast one vote per pet every 24 hours and the voting runs through September 30.


This is my photo submission for the Pet Supermodel Contest. You can click here for a link to the ballot box to cast your vote for me.


And here’s my sister’s submission. You can click here for a link to the ballot box to cast your vote for her.


Remember, you can vote one time for each of us every 24 hours now through September 30. (Don’t worry. I promise to remind you at least once before the voting ends . . . just like those annoying human campaign commercials on the television. 😉 ) Tallulah Bee and I really, really, really, really, really appreciate your support . . . and we’ll keep all of our campaign promises.

P.S. Feel free to share this with friends and family!