Celebrating Summer’s End . . . for Some


Many of our friends across America celebrated the end of summer a couple of weekends ago. Here in South Louisiana, we’ll still be looking for ways to beat the heat and humidity for at least another month. That means my little sister will have a few more opportunities to perfect her watermelon-eating skills.


When we first introduced Tallulah to a watermelon, she was a bit confused.


It was as if she thought the little spot where the stem used to be was some sort of wondrous watermelon key that would magically unlock this mysterious green thing. Goodness knows she tried and tried that approach, but to no avail.


It was time for the seasoned watermelon eater to step in and show her silly little sister a thing or two about this summer delicacy.


“First of all,” I told Tallulah, “you don’t just bite into the watermelon. You let the humans cut it into nice little slices for us. The humans love preparing our food and serving it to us. We mustn’t deny them this great pleasure.”


Obviously, one of us has a better grasp on patience and manners than the other. It becomes more and more clear every single day that I have many, many lessons to teach Tallulah. But back to the watermelon-eating tutorial.


I tried to show Tallulah the proper watermelon-eating style: dainty little lady-like bites.


Tallulah had something completely different in mind: putting the entire slice into her mouth all at once. And by entire slice I really mean entire slice. Tallulah devoured that watermelon slice . . . rind and all.


I’m becoming more and more convinced that my little sister is part pig. Check out that nose–and that full mouth–and tell me what you think.


Tallulah has a lot to learn about eating watermelons, but under my watchful eye I think there’s a chance she’ll catch on. I guess it’s a good thing we have a little bit of time before summer’s end.

Wordless Wednesday: Watermelon and Whiskers

WW Watermelon and Whiskers thek9harperlee


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Watermelon Weekend–Woohoo!

Watermelon 1 thek9harperlee

Late last week, my human mommy went to the store and came home with the biggest, strangest, heaviest ball I had ever seen.

Watermelon 2 thek9harperlee

I tried and tried to pick it up and run with it, but that strange ball was just too big and too heavy . . . even for my huge Golden Retriever mouth.

Watermelon 3 thek9harperlee

Then my human daddy took a giant knife and cut that odd ball right in half. I will tell you that at first I was more than a little shocked and somewhat frightened. Was it bleeding? Had Daddy killed it? But my humans kept saying, “Taste it, Harper Lee. Taste it!” And so I did, because I am obedient. At first lick I knew just exactly what I was tasting: Watermelon! This was not my first watermelon experience. Earlier this summer, when I visited my human grandparents in Texas, I had my first taste of watermelon; but that watermelon came pre-cut in a little plastic container. This watermelon was the real deal.

Watermelon 4 thek9harperlee

As Daddy held my first real slice of watermelon, I started eating . . .

Watermelon 5 thek9harperlee

 . . . and then I really got into it. I ate a lot of watermelon. I think it may be the very best thing I have ever eaten.

Watermelon 7 thek9harperlee8

It was certainly one of the messiest things I’ve ever eaten. Watermelon was all over my mouth, so I licked . . .

Watermelon 8 thek9harperlee

. . . and then I really licked . . .

Watermelon 6 thek9harperlee

 . . . but that watermelon was still there, and so I asked Daddy very nicely if he would please wipe my mouth with some paper towels, which he did.

Watermelon 9 thek9harperlee

Now, I don’t want you to think that my humans missed out on all the weekend watermelon fun. Trust me, they didn’t. They enjoyed their watermelon in the form of an adult beverage. Watermelon margaritas, anyone?

When Mommy planned our watermelon experience for Saturday, August 3, she had absolutely no idea that we would actually be celebrating National Watermelon Day in the most appropriate way. Leave it to our little friend Bacon of Pig Love to keep us informed about the most important “holidays.” You can click here to read all about Bacon’s fun with watermelon. You’ll definitely want to see his photos! And speaking of Bacon, last week that cute little piggy presented me with the Loyal Reader Award. Thank you so much, Bacon.

Here are the rules to the Loyal Reader Award:

1. Display this award on your blog. – Done!

2. Thank the person who sent it to you. – Thank you, Bacon!

3. Answer a question of the author’s choosing. – About to be done!

4. Pass the award along to everyone you consider a loyal reader. – As Bacon said, this is the hard part. I appreciate all of my readers, whether you’ve followed me from the beginning or found me recently. I appreciate my friends who read every single post, and I appreciate readers who have been drawn to just one or two posts. I appreciate my readers who make comments, those who click the “Like” button, and those who take a look and then move along. Many, many thanks to all of you!


The Question: If I am a tree, will I become a book or furniture?

My Answer:  My answer to this one has to be book, and not just any book. If I am a tree, I will become To Kill a Mockingbird by the human Harper Lee.


And here are my nominees:

Dakota at Dakota’s Den

Donna at we live in a flat

Jo at The Sundog Drift

Ruby at Ruby the Airedale

And finally, I present a very special Loyal Reader Award to each and every one of my non-blogging readers.  It’s one thing for fellow bloggers to support each other. It is another thing entirely for you to subscribe to and visit a blog. Thank you!

So here is my question to each of my nominees and to everyone who is reading this blog post:

If you could be a bird or a fish, which would you be and why?

I cannot wait to read your answers!

The Adventurous Miss Lee

Adventure 1 thek9harperlee

Last week my humans lifted me into my chariot (I have yet to figure out how to jump into my mommy’s car, but then again why should I if I have humans who are so willing to serve me) and we set out on a road trip to . . .  I had absolutely no idea where we were going. I didn’t really need to know where we were going because I don’t drive, which is a very good thing because riding in the car makes me very, very sleepy. So I settled down on my $64 bed (as my daddy just loves to call it) and I immediately went to sleep.

Adventure 2 thek9harperlee

It seemed as if I had just barely closed my eyes (Mommy says it had actually been almost three hours since we left home), when my mommy exclaimed, “Look, Miss Lee, we’re in Texas.” I was startled, not as excited as I was apparently supposed to be, and I immediately went back to sleep. The next couple of hours were a big, sleepy blur for me; but in the background I could hear what sounded like huge raindrops pelting my chariot and rumbles of thunder. I also heard my daddy saying something about his back being really, really hot and my mommy saying that she really needed to use the facilities. Complaints, complains, complaints and the car barely moved for a very long time. I picked my head up briefly and saw a giant tow truck doing something with a huge truck . . .  or something like that. I’m not sure. I was pretty groggy. It occurred to me that my humans would probably have been a lot happier if they had been napping, too, but I guess someone has to drive and ride shotgun. I sure am glad those responsibilities don’t fall to Little Miss Harper Lee.

Adventure 5 thek9harperlee

And the next thing I knew, I heard my mommy say, “Look, Miss Harper Lee, it’s Houston,” and that’s when I knew where we were headed: We were on our way to see my human grandparents and their dog and my friend Mille (pronounced like Milly) in Sugar Land, Texas. Now I was excited. I had the best time during my visit. Gran, who is a very nice lady, presented me with a new toy, Hedgehog, which I have now almost decapitated because I love him so (I know it’s a strange way to show your love). I enjoyed cocktails on the patio with Grandfather, which apparently is a nightly ritual. I tried to play with Mille, but she spent a lot of time hiding from me; so when I couldn’t find her I just resorted to bringing her toys, one by one, out of her room and into the den. Sometimes that got her attention.

Mille Bubbles thek9harperlee

And, because I was technically on vacation and when you’re on vacation you’re supposed to be adventurous and do things that you’d never, ever do at home I had two new experiences. My first adventurous experience while visiting my grandparents was chasing bubbles, an adventure that was inspired by my Twitter friend Honey G. (@honeyg honey). I tried to get Mille involved, but she was a little too stunned, although the bubbles did look magical against her beautiful black coat.

Bubble Leap thek9harperlee

I have to admit that, while the bubbles were initially somewhat interesting and I tracked a few down in the grass and tried to catch a few in the air, I very quickly lost interest. I know it would really excite my humans to see me bouncing around the yard after beautiful, glistening bubbles, but they’re just going to have to think of another form of entertainment because I am finished with bubbles.

Adventure 3 thek9harperlee

My other adventure was a tasty one. My Twitter friend BearBear (@BearBearD) and my blogging piggy friend Bacon recently raved about watermelon. When Gran heard that I would like to try watermelon for the first time, she bought a little tub of pre-cut watermelon just for me. (I later shared a bit with the humans.) My mommy decided that we should try watermelon outside, just in case I didn’t like it and decided to spit it out. Let me just say that not a single spec of watermelon fell from my mouth. I love watermelon, and I am very happy that this is just the beginning of summer, because that means lots and lots and lots and lots of watermelon for me! Happy, happy summer!