Today I Had a “Tude” . . .

I Have a 'Tude thek9harperlee

. . . as in attitude . . .

. . . as in not good.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I said that I am an independent spirit? Well, today I decided to assert my independence.

My human mommy had planned what she thought would be a really good blog post. It required taking several pictures of me doing things that I do every day . . . except for this day. I decided that I simply would not cooperate, and nobody . . . not even my mommy . . . could make me cooperate.

I may decide to cooperate with my mommy on this “really good” idea that she had. Or I may not. After all, I am an independent spirit and I may want to do things on my terms. For now, I just think I’ll get a little rest. No pictures, please.

I'm Out thek9harperlee

14 Comments on “Today I Had a “Tude” . . .”

  1. Well, we love your “Tude” 🙂 Maybe another day, probably when Mom doesn’t have a camera handy, you’ll decide to cooperate

    • If my mommy only had a dollar for all the potentially award-winning photos of me she’s missed because she didn’t have that camera ready . . . I’d be eating some pretty wonderful treats. As it is, I will no doubt be far more cooperative very soon!

  2. Gaye says:

    sweet little baby….

  3. Zoe loved the camera. Dudley was afraid of it, the digital one anyway. After a nice snoozey, I’m sure you felt much more cooperative.

    • I normally love the camera. When I hear my mommy open the case, I usually run into the room and start posing. On this particular day, I simply was not in the mood. Oh well, as Scarlet said, tomorrrow is another day.

  4. Oh, Miss Harper Lee…I recognize that “tude and applaud it. Down with incessant photo-taking!! We want our own space away from the digital Big Sisters in our homes! The Doggies United Will Never Be Defeated!!

  5. Miss Harper Lee, I hope you are feeling ok. My Missy hates the camera and runs and hides when I bring it out.

    • I usually love, love, love the camera, but I can be a bit of a stubborn little blonde at times. Sometimes I like to have things done on my terms. I’ll come around, but it can be a good thing to let the humans know who’s in charge! 😉

  6. Jane says:

    You deserve a rest . . . enjoy!!!

  7. dailyspro says:

    Everyone has their days Miss Harper Lee. Kick back and relax. Remember if you weren’t so darn cute, your humans wouldn’t enjoy taking all those pics 🙂

    Sigh.. the price of being beautiful

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