Toy Introductions Day 11: Millard the Mallard

Tallulah’s Turn . . .

I’ve had Millard the Mallard since I was just a tiny puppy. Apparently, this was an appropriate toy because, I’ve been told, I’m a bird dog. And apparently, as a bird dog, I’m supposed to sit in a freezing cold duck blind at the crack of dawn and dive into the water to retrieve real-life Millards who have been shot out of the sky. What kind of foolishness is this? You can bet your very last dollar that’s never going to happen. I do, however, love Millard the Mallard, and I am happy to saunter through my air-conditioned living room, pluck Millard from a stack of plush squeakies in my toy basket, and carry him back to my comfortable bed for cuddles. Now, let’s get Millard back inside before he flies off.


Toy Introductions Day 10: Tweetie

Birdie’s Back . . .

Today and tomorrow, Tallulah and I are going to introduce you to two toys that each of us got when we were just very tiny puppies. This is Tweetie. A little background on why Tweetie was one of my first toys. I am one of five dogs from Parish Line Golden Retrievers‘ Retweet litter. We’re called the Retweet litter because we are the second breeding of my mom, SoBe, and my dad, Swagger. My human daddy immediately came up with my call name, Birdie, and my human mommy thought of my registered name, ParishLine’s That Tweet Chick is Trending. Of course, all of that meant that in our family all other birdies now had to be called tweeties. It also meant that Tweetie was the obvious toy for me to have.

From the front, Tweetie seems like a fairly regular toy, but turn him around and you discover a top-secret hiding place. (You’ll also discover that he had a small wound on his head, which was recently stitched up at Squeaky Toy Hospital. Tweetie is now good to go.) It didn’t take me long to realize that’s where Tweetie’s squeaker is. I was a very clever puppy.

All I have to do is pull that pouch out, start biting that squeaker, and Tweetie sings like a . . . tweetie. 😉

Toy Introductions Day 9: Sundays Are for Sisters

Tallulah’s Turn . . .

Birdie and I took a little break from our toys today to enjoy a beautiful morning stroll through New Orleans City Park. I visited City Park with my sister Harper Lee quite a few times. You can click here to see me as a very young puppy on an autumn day in 2015 and here to see me on an early spring day in 2017. I had fun today showing Birdie some the spots I visited with Harper Lee.

Birdie and I love our toys a lot, as you’ve seen, but we love each other even more. Our humans say that they added Birdie to our family so that I wouldn’t be alone when Harper Lee left us one day. To be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t super excited about the addition for a while. I thought I would have been fine as an only dog. Birdie bonded more with Harper Lee than with me, and I was perfectly pleased to let that happen. And then, a little more than a month ago, Harper Lee left the house and never came back. Birdie and I have been inseparable ever since. We play bitey face on our dog bed and we snuggle for side-by-side naps.

The truth is, if all of our toys disappeared from our basket and the Land of Forbidden Toys was completely emptied, Birdie and I would be happy just having each other. I mean, let’s hope that doesn’t happen, but you get the idea. After we finish our month-long toy introductions, we’re going to continue with the blog. Our human mommy is so thankful to have Harper Lee’s posts to look back on now that Harper Lee has crossed the Rainbow Bridge; she also wants us to be able to create, share, and preserve all the adventures that Birdie and I have. You’ll see some blog transitions throughout October. We’ll also be making some changes to our Instagram and Twitter accounts, but the handles on both will remain @thek9harperlee, because Miss Harper Lee will always be the foundation of everything.

Moving forward is a funny thing. In some ways, it means leaving the past behind. In other ways, it means building on where you were, what you did, and who was there with you. I’m thankful that Birdie and I will be able to travel along our own blogging path together. I’m even more thankful that Harper Lee created a beautiful legacy for us to continue. Sundays are for sisters, and Birdie and I had the best in Harper Lee.

Toy Introductions Day 8: Earl the Squirrel

Birdie’s Back . . .

Today’s a great day for a hunt. I like to hunt. Do you like to hunt? I like to hunt leezards and tweeties and kitty cats and squirrels. Don’t worry. I never catch anything. Except Earl the Squirrel, because Earl never runs. Happy Saturday!

Toy Introductions Day 6: Fred the Red Fox

Birdie’s Back . . .

It’s me again, Birdie. Today I pulled an oldie but goody out of the toy box: Fred the Red Fox. Fred’s been around the block more than a few times, but he’s hanging in there. Fred has a squeaker in his tail–it’s dead–and a squeaker in his head–it somehow lives on, barely. Fred has never once been admitted to Squeaky Toy Hospital, which is a bit of a miracle because he is very well loved.

Fred is one of our no-stuffing toys. Apparently, Tallulah went through a killer phase when she was younger. (She still has a little toy killer in her, RIP Pink Rose, but she’s better now.) That’s when Mommy embarked on a quest for Tallulah-proof toys and discovered that no-stuffing toys stood the best chance. You’ll meet a lot of no-stuffing toys throughout the month. While I chomp down like an alligator on rubber toys like Red Ball, I’m pretty gentle with everyone else, and I love to love Fred the Red Fox.

Toy Introductions Day 3: Drago the Dragon

Tallulah’s Turn . . .

Mondays can be really ruff, so it helps to have a super tough friend by your side. Meet Drago the Dragon, one of the toughest toys in our toy basket. He’s named after an area restaurant famous for their charbroiled oysters. Obviously, I can’t vouch for the oysters, but I can vouch for Drago the Dragon.

Drago joined our family this past Christmas and, since then, he’s brought uninterrupted daily joy. He hasn’t once been banished to the Land of Forbidden Toys or admitted to Squeaky Toy Hospital. Drago is a warrior. He’s made by a company called goDog, which, it turns out, also makes Furballz like Pearl the Purple Thing. (Time for a word from our editor, aka Mommy: This is not a paid ad for goDog. Tallulah and Birdie have absolutely no desire to work for a living. You did see Tallulah lounging on that chair, right?)

Still wondering how tough Drago really is? If he can survive a sister tug-of-war day after day after day without a single rip and still squeak, I think he can make it through practically anything.

Toy Introductions Day 2: Will You Accept This Rose?

Hey, Birdie Blue here. I’m new to this whole blogging thing, so you’ll have to bear with me. Before I introduce the toy of the day, allow me to introduce myself. I joined the family in January 2021. I guess you could say I was a COVID puppy, but I was actually in the plans for a while. Tallulah’s sister, SoBe, is my mother, so that makes Tallulah my aunt and my sister, kind of. Only in the South, haha. My registered name is ParishLine’s That Tweet Chick is Trending, but you can call me Birdie…or The Bird…or Big Bird…or Little Bird…or, well, you get the idea. I loved Harper Lee very, very much. We used to play together all the time. I sort of worshipped her. Tallulah didn’t want to have much to do with me, and I gave Tallulah her space. I guess sisters can be that way sometimes. Things changed after Harper Lee crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Tallulah and I have become inseparable. Our humans call us the Bobbsey Twins. We play, and play, and play. I like to snuggle up next to Tallulah, and she’s ok with that. We both miss Harper Lee extremely, but I’m thankful to have Tallulah, and I think she’s thankful to have me. Enough of that. On to the Toy of the Day introduction.

Remember yesterday, when Tallulah told you that our toys have names? That’s not true in this case, but, as Mr. William Shakespeare once said, “That which we call a rose / By any other name would smell as sweet.” Kind of blew your mind with my literary knowledge, huh? These roses were a gift from a couple of handsome Golden boys who run Geaux Fideaux, the place where we get our bandanas. Full disclosure, there used to be three roses, but Tallulah destroyed the pink one. She’s like that. Also, to all those people who ask our humans, “Do your dogs shed?” Yes, we do, all over the place and all the time, so please excuse all the dog hair on these roses. Have you seen “The Bachelor” and “The Bachelorette” on tv? You know how sometimes those women practically fight each other to get a rose from the bachelor? Tallulah and I can be a lot like that with these roses. Who doesn’t want to be the girl who gets the rose? Better yet, who doesn’t want to be the girl in charge, the one who’s handing out the roses?

So, will you accept this rose, Golden Retriever hair and all?

Toy Introductions Day 1: Pearl the Purple Thing

Happy October 1! Every day this month, Tallulah Bee and Birdie Blue will introduce you to their toys. (We could probably do this until the end of the year and not repeat a single toy.) Tallulah will start the introductions.

Tallulah: “This is Pearl the Purple Thing. You’ll notice our toys have names. Anyway, Pearl is a very special toy because she was a birthday gift to Harper Lee many years ago from one of our dearest Golden Retriever friends. That means she spent a lot of time in the Land of Forbidden Toys, also known as a cabinet in the utility room, and only Harper Lee got to play with her. Apparently, Birdie and I have a destructive streak. Pearl came out of the cabinet last weekend, and Birdie and I absolutely cannot get enough of her. So far, she’s unscathed.

“Birdie even invited her to join us on the balcony this morning. Pretty sure Pearl the Purple Thing enjoyed the view.”