A Work of Art in Progress

My neighborhood grocery store is pretty special. It’s real name is Breaux Mart, but my humans call it The Bro. Although I’ve never been inside, I have spent quite a bit of time outside–either waiting with one of my humans while the other runs in to pick something up or strolling around the outside on one of my daily walks. I’ve always loved this mural on the downtown side of the building. (I know that in most cities people give directions as east, west, north, and south. But in New Orleans we say downtown, uptown, river side, and lake side . . . mostly because nothing’s quite straight around here.) The mural was painted by Max Bernardi. You can click here to read more about Ms. Bernardi and to see video of her discussing the swamp-scene mural.

We were thrilled to discover that Ms. Bernardi is painting another mural on the opposite (or uptown) side of The Bro. I’m so excited to share photos of this new work of art in progress. There are six sections running along the wall. The top photo was taken the first week in January and the bottom photo is from the first week in March.

Don’t you just love seeing the progress?

I almost feel as if I’m on the street with those turkeys.

I also feel as if I have to tell you that it was much cooler when we took pictures in January than it was the day we took them in March; but I still think I look pretty good comparing my profile to that horse’s profile.

These last two sections have a bit more to be done.

We’ll follow the progress on our walks to and from The Bro, and I’ll be sure to show you the finished product.

Countown to Christmas: Three More Days


In the last few weeks, my human mommy has taken hundreds of photos (only a slight exaggeration) in hopes of getting that perfect picture for our Christmas cards. Tallulah Bee and I have humored her, mostly because she bribes us with treats. In fact, we purposefully look away from the camera, move slightly, or close our eyes just as she snaps so we can get more treats. Shhhh . . . don’t tell her that. It’s our little secret.

Anyway, Mommy managed to get a few favorites along the way and today we begin the countdown to Christmas. The Bee and I are modeling our gorgeous Geaux Fideaux monogrammed bandanas. If you’re interested in getting your very own Geaux Fideaux original (they’re working on Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day looks), just send an Instagram direct message to @geauxfideaux. 

We’re all smiles as we await Santa’s arrival!

Black and White Sunday: Father’s Day Kisses

B&W 2 6-19-16 (2)


Thank you to Black and White Sunday Blog Hop hosts Dachshund Nola and Sugar the Golden Retriever.

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Y1 thek9harperlee

Y is for Yvonne LaFleur, a tony fashion gallery in New Orleans’ Riverbend neighborhood. In 1969, as a young graduate from Louisiana State University, Yvonne LaFleur invested 100 $100 bills in her dream. She’s been at this location at 8131 Hampson Street ever since, dressing generations of brides and debutantes, carnival queens and ladies who lunch.

Y2 thek9harperlee

And if you tune in to the Kentucky Derby next weekend and scan the audience, chances are pretty good that you’ll spot at least a few of Yvonne LaFleur’s millinery creations.

Y3 thek9harperlee

At this point you might be thinking, “Sounds great, but is there just a little something that I can bring home as a memento of my visit to the Crescent City?” Yes, there is. Yvonne LaFleur bath gel, lotion, powder, candles, and perfume range in price from $25 to $55.  So hop on the St. Charles Avenue Streetcar and head Uptown to Stop #299. Take a short walk toward the Mississippi River, and bring home a beautifully fragrant piece of New Orleans’ elegant history.


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W2 thek9harperlee

W is for Warren Easton Charter High School. Today and tomorrow, we’re going to concentrate on the education scene in New Orleans, and we’re starting with one of the oldest public high schools in the state of Louisiana. Opened in 1913 at 3019 Canal Street, Warren Easton was initially a boys’ school named for the city and state’s first supervisor of education. (My human mommy’s grandfather graduated from Warren Easton in 1930.) It became co-ed in 1952 and was integrated in 1967. In 1977, Warren Easton became a fundamental magnate school, and it out-performed almost all other schools in the Orleans Parish school system from 2000 to 2005. At the start of the 2005-2006 school year, Hurricane Katrina struck the city and Warren Easton was closed for a year.

W1 thek9harperlee

It’s no secret that, while some New Orleans schools like Warren Easton were performing well prior to Hurricane Katrina, the city’s education system was flawed and many students were being under served. Following the storm, the state took over the public schools and charter schools became the norm. Warren Easton Charter High School reopened in 2006 and soon the school was back on top, graduating 100 percent of its senior classes from 2011 to 2014. The Class of 2014 had a special surprise graduation speaker: actress Sandra Bullock, who adopted the school following Hurricane Katrina. As People magazine article reported following that graduation speech, Bullock “has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to help rebuild the historic campus, pay for band uniforms and athletic equipment, and has also helped to open a health clinic at the school, as well as funded scholarships for graduating seniors.” Bullock concluded her graduation speech with these words:

And last but not least go find your joy. It’s what you’re going to remember in the end. It’s not the worry, it’s not the what-ifs. It’s the joy that stays with you. And I want to thank you for the joy that Warren Easton brings me every day.


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HL Does NOLA from A to Z: M is for MIGNON FAGET

M1 thek9harperlee

M is for Mignon Faget, a fifth generation New Orleanian and jewelry designer. She received her bachelor of fine arts degree from Sophie Newcomb College of Tulane University in New Orleans and continued her studies at  l’Atelier de la Grande Chaumiere in Paris and the Parsons School of Design in New York before returning to Tulane to take post-graduate classes in botany and other areas that interested her.

M2 thek9harperlee

It’s no wonder that nature and the city she has called home all her life have had such an impact on her jewelry designs. Her collections have names like SEA, BAMBOO, HIVE, and IRONWORKS. In addition to her design work, Mignon Faget is active in local preservation efforts and art advocacy. She donated proceeds from her designs following Hurricane Katrina and the Gulf oil spill.

M4 thekharperlee

Mignon Faget has three stores, which she calls galleries, in and around New Orleans. In addition to her jewelry designs, the stores carry home goods like linens and glassware, accessories like scarves and umbrellas, and baby items like silverware and a green alligator bank. Click here to read more about Mignon Faget, view her collections, and check out her store locations and other places to buy her products. And of course, you can shop ’til you drop online. By the way, my human mommy’s favorite Mignon Faget design is her iris pendant, reminiscent of the fleur de lis. Hint hint, Daddy. 😉


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Will You Lend a Paw to Science?

Survey thek9harperlee

This past weekend, I received an email from a high school student named Austin. Here’s a little of what he said:

I am a Junior in High School and for the past three years I have participated in the Regional and State Intel Science fair with behavioral research I conducted and analyzed myself. This year my research question involves dog owners. I’m trying to determine if parents and dog owners possess similar personality traits. I’m challenging the belief that “you should get a dog before you have a child because it will prepare you for parenthood.” My belief is that people who genuinely want to take care of and love a dog naturally possess good traits for parenthood.

Austin has developed an online survey/personality quiz that collects anonymous data to compare the personality traits of dog owners and parents. My human mommy took the quiz. It was quick and easy, and the results revealed her Big Five Personality Traits. Very interesting.

And this is where you can help: Austin needs to receive 500 survey responses by mid-February, and at this point he is at about 200. Would you be willing to help Austin with his project?

Here’s a link to Austin’s website: https://findyourpersonality.wordpress.com/. Below his photo, you’ll see the link to take the survey. Thank you so much for lending Austin a paw hand with his project.

So what do you think about Austin’s hypothesis? Do you believe that people who genuinely want to take care of and love a dog naturally possess good traits for parenthood? Did getting a dog before you had a child prepare you for parenthood?