Bistro + Bones = A Banner Birthday

Tablescape thek9harperlee

You asked for it, and I got it: I began my fourth birthday celebration with my humans at French Market Bistro. When I shared the official poll results with my human daddy, he practically sprinted to the phone to make the reservations. French Market Bistro is one of his favorite places to dine with me. He likes it because the food and wine are very, very good. I like it because the outside dining is positioned directly in front of the door, so I can greet people as they arrive and wish them a pleasant evening as they leave.

Toasting Miss Lee thek9harperlee

My humans started the festivities with a toast to me. They thanked me for four wonderful years (minus about eight weeks when I still lived with my Golden Retriever mother). They went on and on about what a well-behaved and sweet girl I am. They talked to each other about how much they love going places with me. They said that even my little “flaws” (my hip and elbow dysplasia) make me special, and they said they wouldn’t change one single thing about me. Wow, it’s amazing that my head didn’t just blow up right then and there as I listened to them gush; but it was all very nice to hear and reminded me that I am truly and greatly loved.

Under the Table thek9harperlee

After an abundance of pets from other diners (many of whom told me all about the Golden Retrievers and other furry friends in their lives) and lots of happy birthday wishes from the very friendly wait staff, I settled in under the table to rest patiently as my humans enjoyed my birthday meal. Somehow that doesn’t sound quite right, does it?

Good Girl thek9harperlee

So when my humans finally finished eating, I sat up and stared at my human mommy. It was a stare that clearly said to her, “This is my birthday celebration. Let’s go somewhere where I can get something special to eat.” Next stop: dessert.

Latte e Miele thek9harperlee

On our way home, we stopped by the new location of Latte e Miele, which means “milk and honey” in Italian. Look at me–I had stars in my eyes from the moment we arrived. That’s because I know that this place loves dogs.

Treat Jar thek9harperlee

They love dogs so much that they offer gourmet dog bones. Have you ever seen anything quite so beautiful?

Waiting for Daddy thek9harperlee

I waited very patiently outside . . . oh, who am I kidding? I could not wait for my daddy to get back with my dessert!

Dessert thek9harperlee

Do I have a wonderful daddy, or what? He reappeared with bones for me and yummy gelato for my mommy. He scored some points with the females in his life that night.

B'day Treats thek9harperlee

When the nice lady behind the counter found out that I was celebrating my birthday, she said that the bones were her treat . . . and what a treat they were! My entire birthday was a treat. I know that I am an extremely lucky dog. I have humans who really, really love me. I get to go to wonderful and exciting places and meet lots and lots of very nice people. I have more toys than hours in the day to play with them. As I put my golden head down on my soft bed that evening, I prayed that one day every dog in the entire world would have a birthday as special as mine.

26 Comments on “Bistro + Bones = A Banner Birthday”

  1. the 3m's says:

    Happy Belated Birthday Miss Harper Lee. We are so sorry we missed your special day. Our Mom read your post to us and we felt so happy for you, getting to dine out like you did. Where we live, it is very hard for our Mom and Dad to take us out for special celebrations, so usually we do birthday celebrations in the park across the road from our home. We invite all our doggy friends and Mom gives out treat bags. We wish you lived closer or we lived closer, it would be fun meeting you.

    • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Just imagine how much fun we all would have had if you had been at dinner with me. People would have been so busy loving all four of us they never would have made it into the restaurant! I think your birthday celebrations in the park with your doggy friends sound super exciting. Your friends are soooo lucky to get treat bags from your mom. You’ll have to share some photos of your next celebration.

  2. Maryanne says:

    What a great day, it sounds super fantastic! Your Mommy and Daddy spoil you — and you deserve it 🙂

  3. Miss Harper Lee, no wonder you’re exhausted this week – you had the Best Birthday EVER!! I have sent this to Pretty and the old womsn Slow to show them how my birthday MUST be celebrated next year! Ha! They think if they buy me a bully stick and say how much they love me, it’s a BIRTHDAY. Well, after they read about yours, they’d better listen up!! You are one Lucky Puppy and I am happy for you! Yes, some of our friends aren’t so lucky and we hope for better days for their birthdays, too. Sniffs all around you, The Red Man

    • Red Man, you need to get those ladies in line! We’re expecting big things for your next birthday. Just so you know (as the famous Les Miles, coach of the LSU football Fightin’ Tigers, would say), all of my birthdays do not turn out this well. Last year my humans were going to take me to the dog park to celebrate, but we got trapped in the St. Patrick’s Day parade traffic and couldn’t get to the park. So they decided to take me to eat at Lucy’s downtown, which was fun until the crazy men with bagpipes decided to parade through the restaurant. That’s when I learned that I really do not like bagpipes. The moral of this story is that sometimes a bully stick and words of love are the perfect way to celebrate!

  4. Gaye says:

    a very happy birthday for a very special puppy!!

  5. Ogee says:

    Happy Birthday (belated) Miss Harper Lee! What a wonderful way to celebrate four years (although I would have made a dash for the gelato…it looks especially yummy!

  6. I’m so glad you had fun on your birthday! I share your prayer that every dog knows a birthday as special as yours!

  7. writetowag says:

    Awwww…What an awesome birthday indeed…You got it made Miss Harper Lee!!!!

    • It was a great birthday, and I definitely know how lucky I am. I just saw that Trev is having his teeth cleaned tomorrow. I’ll cross my paws and say a little prayer for him. I know he’ll get lots and lots of love when he comes home.

  8. That last line, that sweet little prayer for all doggies just brought tears to my eyes….



  9. You are a very lucky girl! Glad you had a great day.

  10. […] Miss Harper Lee, the Golden Girl who has wonderful adventures in Louisiana! I promise I do have pictures of Vance Orion selecting the winner, but apparently the USB cable for my camera has bitten the dust. Please let me know your preference for a Target or Amazon gift card and where to send it. I’m so excited for you, coming right on the heels of your birthday! Congratulations! […]

    • I just sent you an email with all the info. Thank you so very much! As I said in my email to you, I talked with my human mommy (you know how dogs talk to our humans just by looking in their eyes), and we have some special plans for the gift card, which we think will make you very happy.

  11. You don’t look a day over two, Miss Harper Lee. Happy belated birthday wishes from all of us (yes, even the cats) here on the hill.

  12. Dina says:

    A very belated Happy Birthday to you, dear Miss Harper Lee! What a lovely day you had – lucky you! 🙂

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