My Golden Bucket List

Bucket 1 thek9harperlee

Early next year, I’m going to be five years old. Sometimes I wonder where the years have gone. It seems like just yesterday I was playing with my litter mates when two people who would become my human mommy and daddy came to visit, spotted me, and fell in love. For a Golden Retriever, five years can be considered middle age. I think that might possibly be why I find myself having a bit of a mid-life crisis.

Halloween Image

The other day, I was visiting my blog friends at Me, You and Zu. They’re hosting ZuZu’s Halloween Challenge with a different topic for every day. Unfortunately, my human mommy failed to get her act together enough to help me participate in the challenge (honestly, I sometimes wonder why I continue to keep her around to assist me; oh, that’s right, I need a photographer and she works cheap); but I hope that you’ll click here to see what it’s all about and play along through the end of the month. When I was reading the challenge items, this one for Day 10 caught my eye: Five things you have or would put on your bucket list. This one spoke loudly and clearly to my mid-life crisis. So, without further ado, I give you my Golden Bucket List.

Bucket 2 thek9harperlee

1. Become an AKC Canine Good CitizenMy Mommy has talked about doing this since I was less than two years old. I’ve been going to obedience school since I was six months old. I’ve completed beginner, intermediate, and advanced training, and for the last couple of years I have been doing what Mommy likes to call “post-graduate studies in obedience.” Don’t you think it’s about time I go ahead and take this test? I think Mommy’s fear is that we’ll fail. So we fail, Then we’ll know what we need to work on and we can take it again. There. It’s out there. Now it has to happen.

2. Go to the beach–I finally made it into water last week when I visited the dog park, but I still want to go to a beach. I thought I might get to visit a beach this month, but then my humans planned some fancy humans-only getaway, so there went that. Now I think my humans really owe me a trip to the beach. Blondes love Spring Break!

3. March in the Baton Rouge Mardi Gras Krewe of Mutts Parade–This fun event benefits our local animal shelter and brings together animals of very sort in fascinating costumes for one of the best Mardi Gras parades around. And somehow every year when the special date rolls around, my humans end up being out of town. Time to check the calendar and get this one penciled penned in.

4. Go on a Road Trip to Key West–Practically since the day I came to live with my humans, my Daddy has been saying, “We’re going to take a road trip to Key West with Harper Lee.” My humans have researched routes and pet-friendly hotels and restaurants, and somehow this trip just hasn’t happened yet. Well, we’re not getting any younger humans and this Golden girl’s ready to party on Duval Street! With this one little trip, we could also visit a beach, thereby knocking off two Bucket List items. Plus, we need to get this one out of the way before Bucket List Item 5 happens. Are you ready for this one? Drum roll please.

5. Be a big sister–As I said earlier, I’ll be five years old next year. I think that’s a very good time to become a big sister. I’ve matured enough that I’m really absolutely no trouble at all, so Mommy would have lots of time to devote to my new little sister; and I’m still young enough that I could be a good playmate to a younger dog. I promise to help train my little sister and to take care of her. Please, humans, please, can I have a puppy?

So there you have it. Five items on my Bucket List. What’s on your Bucket List?

50 Comments on “My Golden Bucket List”

  1. Fernando1958 says:

    I think point 5 should be number 1. Your mom should pay attention to BearBearD when he was with us and his sisters Rosie and Annie. They were great with each other. Is double the love.

    • I completely agree with you on this! I had an older canine sister, Lexi, until about a year ago when she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. It will be nice one day–hopefully soon–to have another friend.

  2. Jane says:

    Sounds like a good plan!

  3. Ruby says:

    Wonderful bucket list Miss Harper Lee. The Mutts Parade sounds like a lot of fun, we might be adding that to our list too! Thanks for playing along 🙂

    Ruby & Zu

    • When my humans lived in Galveston, Texas, they participated in the Mardi Gras pet parade with their dogs then, Talbot (the Golden Retriever who preceded me) and Sheffield. They still talk about how much fun it was!

  4. Carter says:

    HarperLee- your list is as amazing as you. My big sisters have their CGC so I know you could easily pull it off. If you knew my oldest sister Sully you would feel confident in your skills. She’s very ADHD. You know I’m a huge fan of the beach so should you come close to me I would love to meet you and show you the ropes. My mommy takes us everywhere so if you are within 4 hours we are up for it. Heck my mommy is driving 6 hours round trip on Saturday so my sister can chase a plastic bag. Anyway, I get distracted, blame it on the puppy brain.
    My bucket list-
    To get more titles than my sisters ( we are a competitive crew)
    To become a therapy dog when I’m older like my sisters.
    Travel and meet new friends.
    To be an ambassador of goodness. To show the world that a dog can change lives for the better.
    To host a fundraiser for Golden Retriever Rescue to help all those in need.

    • Oh, Carter, I adore your bucket list, and thank you so much for the encouragement on the CGC! I promise to let you know when we finally head to Florida. I can’t think of anything more fun than playing with you on your beautiful beach. 🙂

  5. Nice list. You have to go to a beach, that is the most awesome place in the world, the only bummer is that there are no squirrels and wabbits on the beach. Now that I am a big sister I can tell you that it is fun, but a lot of work. She wants to do everything I do which gets on my dog nerves sometimes. It is a lot of fun, though 🙂

    • The beach may not have squirrels and wabbits, but I’ve been told that there are lots and lots of interesting smells . . . and that rolling in yucky things just might be the highlight. That ought to make my humans cringe!

  6. I thought you were older! You’re the same age as Donna, how cool is that? That’s a cool bucket list… We don’t have one at the moment

  7. Very well thought out list MHL . Best wishes. If the Sundogs start a list it would probably start like this…..Catch a jack
    rabbit, accompany our human mom horseback riding in the high country in the snow, visit the city dog park with 5 brand new tennis balls……

  8. That’s a great bucket list. I would like to do some of those too. Mainly the beach one.

  9. Maryanne says:

    Oooh, I’m favoring the “big sister” one!! 🙂

  10. Whoo-hoo! What a great list, Miss HL. Especially #5. THAT will be exciting. Mom swore I’d fail the CGC test and embarrass her, too. She got the task list from the Internet and we practiced. I did great!!

    Love and licks,

  11. cafall says:

    Five is a good year to become a big sister. You are mature enough to help teach the puppy, but young enough to still play with the puppy. #5 should become #1!

    Monty and Harlow

  12. Rebekah says:

    What great ambitions! I think you would make a marvelous big sister.

  13. MH Hatcher says:

    Harper Lee – we have never taken Jefferson to the beach either and it makes me so sad! Also, we are trying to make Jefferson a big brother! We are looking around for breeders. Jefferson’s human sister wants a girl puppy! Hope she turns out to be just as sweet and pretty as you.
    Jefferson’s Mom

  14. Oh Gurl ~ I just turned 5 too!!! Holy Burthday Cards!!! We’re likes the same age!! Cool. I thinks next year I’ll be middle aged, so I will study your bucket list with great interest, and see which ones I can steal…..
    Nows, I thinks you should puts number 5 furst!! Oh, you could have sooooo much funs teachin’ a new pups how to terrorize your peeps!!!! Oh, sorry…that’s ME….nevermind.
    I still thinks that a little pups will be FUNS!!!
    Let’s make some margaritas and get on PetFinder!!!!
    Ruby ♥

  15. 2browndawgs says:

    Excellent list. About CGC…I put Storm’s CGC on her and believe me, if Storm can do it you can too! We took an obedience class in preparation for the test which was given on the last week of class. If you have access to that kind of program, it really helps because then you can train the things for the test in the same facility where the test will be given. I am not sure it matters so much for the dog, but it helps the handler. 🙂 Good luck!

    • I have a feeling that the toughest part of my CGC prep will be training my mommy! All the humans in my obedience classes laugh because it takes the trainer five minutes to teach the dogs a command and then he spends the next 55 minutes training the humans. 😉

  16. Jessica says:

    This is a fabulous list! I can’t wait to see a pic of you on Instagram with an “I’m a Big Sister” T-shirt on! 🙂

  17. Jan K says:

    Miss Lee, that is an awesome bucket list! Those are all great things, and I’m just not sure which you should do first! My dogs would also like to go to the ocean, and I would certainly love to go to Key West….I went once when I was younger and I didn’t appreciate it as much back then as I would now. It was a really cool drive down there.
    I think you will be an excellent big sister!

    • My humans are really excited about seeing that drive to Key West, so I just can’t figure out why the delay on this one. Obviously, my humans do not have their priorities in order. 😉

  18. Those are such excellent ideas for your bucket list and I think you should complete them all in ONE month. I would love to come watch you march in the parade.

    • Ha ha! All in one month! My humans might have to be committed if we tried to pull that one off. 🙂 I promise that if . . . I mean when . . . I march in the parade I will share a video on my blog. That gives my mommy plenty of time to figure out how to take and post a video, and trust me, she will need plenty of time. 😉

  19. evi says:

    i LOVE number 5 🙂

  20. OhMelvin says:

    This is a most AWESOME list! I hope that should this indeed be your ‘mid-life’ and you choose to get a shiny red convertible that you will share photos of you cruising your way to Key West with your little brother or sister!

  21. GizmoGeodog says:

    That is a great list Harper Lee…I’m 5 now too so maybe I need to start working on my list…I hope you get to do everything there…it all seems really doable if only your peeps would get their act together…Make sure and wave real hard when you go past my house on your way to Key West…I’ll know it’s you and wave back…And about that bay sisfur or brofur…I think you’d make a great big sisfur and you have a lot of wisdom you could share with a pup

  22. The list sounds pretty reasonable to me Harper Lee, especially #5!! 😉

  23. dailyspro says:

    LOOOVE this list HL! I have faith that you’ll do exceptional at them all, and they’ll be crossed off in no time 🙂

  24. Marcie says:

    Love your list! A younger sibling would be quite exciting! Also, I’m rooting for you to get to that beach soon! My Golden was a bit apprehensive about the beach and the whole waves coming in at first, but it didn’t take long to get used to it all and run all over/hop through waves/swim with excitement!

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