LSU GameDay–Geaux Tigers!

It’s GameDay and I am ready for some football. You may have noticed from my collar in the last post that I am an LSU fan. Today the Tigers open their SEC season against Auburn, so I have raised the flag and donned my finest tiger-print bandanna. Check out my profile.
There’s a certain amount of preparation required from LSU Tiger fans, even for an away game. We have to select a lucky place to sit–or sometimes stand if the game gets too close. I’ll probably alternate between the rug in front of the television and one of my beds in the den. We have to decide what to eat for the game. I’ll probably have my usual dry food and maybe a rawhide treat. More importantly, we have to decide what to drink for the game. While I normally stick to water, GameDay calls for something special.
I know  I look like I’ve had a little too much, but I’ll be ok. I’ve been doing GameDay since I was a puppy.
So here’s to my LSU Football Tigers. Have a great game and . . .

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